Scatter Feed is a science/nature blog where we write about anything we find interesting, from dinosaur intelligence to giraffe necks to evolving computers. We started in October 2013 and aim to post roughly weekly (we’ll see how that goes)…

Scatter Feed is fed by three individuals:

thebadlizard – Chris, PhD student in giraffe locomotion and evolution.

pakasuchus – Ellen, conservation/zoo vet. Also likes dinosaurs.

the17thfish – Tom, PhD student in computational biology.

Thanks for reading, and comments are always welcome.

IMG_9160Images: We use a lot of images released under Creative Commons licence, and always attribute. Any images by the authors of the blog are free for you to use non-commercially under Creative Commons (details: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) unless otherwise stated. If you do use any, let us know because we’d love to see!

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